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Best Spots for Cherry Blossom in Japan

As I walk by the Shinjuku Gyoen I see many people stopping and enjoying the beauty of the cherry blossom. Known as sakura in Japan ,cherry blossoms have quite an importance to their history and tradition. The flowers of sakura bloom once a year and it marks the coming of spring but not only,beauty hope and new life is also another meaning behind it.

It's believed that in ancient Japan ,farmers used the Blooming of Sakura as a sign to know that it was time to plant their rice crops.

Below is a list of some of Japan's most popular “sakura blossom” spots.

1.Hirosaki castle Parl - is considered one of the best cherry blossom viewing locations in Japan. It attracts millions of visitors each spring.

The castle itself dates four hundred years ago. Is a best combination of history and the beginning of new life with the blooming of sakura trees.

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2.Chureito Pagoda -that offers amazing views of the famous Mount Fuji. One of the most attractive touristic spots in Japan.

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3.Mitsuike Koen-located in Yokohama , a home of three ponds and over a thousand cherry trees. Is named one of the “100 Best Cherry Blossom Spots”in Japan.

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4.Mount Yoshino in Nara - It is one of Japan's most historical places to view the cherry blossom.Surrounded by cherry trees that date back 1300 years ago. Is very beautiful,it creates an amazing atmosphere and you can enjoy the colorful landscape.

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5.Philosopher’s Path -in Kyoto,located in Higashiyama district. This is my favorite one so far :D

It's a 2 km stone path and a canal pass thru by and lined by hundreds of cherry trees. It is named after the famous Japanese philosopher ,Nishida Kitaro who used to walk and meditate in this path.

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