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Capsule Hotels

Back in 2018, when I started to live in Japan, I experienced for the first time the capsule hotel. Imaging coming to a new country, with no one waiting for you at the airport, navigate the city on your own, and on top of that, I had no house where to stay. I stayed in a capsule hotel for one week and Im going, to be honest, I didn't like it at all. To my surprise, the capsule hotels are very popular in Japan and they offer an affordable overnight stay. Meaning that usually on weekends, people tend to celebrate and drink a lot of alcohol, meaning they usually lose the last train.

But what is a capsule hotel you are probably wondering? There are small rooms, more likely compartment providing the bare minimum space and amenities. They offer an alarm clock, light, power outlet. And mind that there are no locks, just a shutter or curtain. In my case was a curtain (It sucks).

Capsule hotels were designed and built first in Osaka in 1979 by Kisho Kurokawa. At first, they were designed for salarymen as a cheap place to stay overnight but it became popular in the society. As said most of the capsule hotels allow man-only.Before it was rare to find However recently you find more options that accept women as well, but the floors or rooms are divided only for women or only for men.

Recently 9 hours stays are getting popular as well, which is kind of the same concept as Capsule hotels.

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