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Crazy about Onsen

I never forget my first experience at onsen(hot spring). It was the summer of 2018 in Hakone a city 2 hours drive from Tokyo. My Japanese friends and I traveled by car to this beautiful Ryokan (Traditional Japanese Hotel) surrounded by the mountain, beautiful nature and hot springs.

Hot spring is the water heated by geothermal energy (ne Shqip banjo termale).

There are around 27000 hot springs places all over Japan. We can find them in the oldest Japanese history book 'Kojiki' in 700 A.D. This shows that hot springs have been a long tradition in Japanese culture.

Anyway going back to my first experience, I'm not going to lie it was embarrassing and a bit awkward. Traditionally men and women bathed together before but now we have gender separation baths. Saying so I entered the female bath and I was a bit hesitant to try it.

Luckily I had a friend who explained to me the etiquette before entering the bath. We had to take a shower first and clean ourselves before entering the hot bath.

After I did all the cleaning , I finally entered inside and I discovered a whole new meaning

of relaxing my body but also my mind.

It was evening and our hot spring was outside and surrounded by trees. In one moment I raise my head up and saw the sky full of stars. That moment I realized I love onsen and I would encourage anyone to try it.

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