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Fancy a cup of coffee at Starbucks?

Everywhere you travel around the world, it is impossible to not find a shop of Starbucks. What? Wait, actually Starbuck is not present in some countries yet and Albania is one of them. We have other great options even in the smallest neighborhoods, you can enjoy a cup of espresso.

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Anyway, Starbucks is an international coffee chain but Japan has developed a different profile from the other countries. In 1996 the first Starbucks opened its door in Ginza and now counts 1,435 stores across the country.

But why Starbucks is so popular here? The answer is simple, Starbucks has dug deep in Japanese culture and they offer a seasonal menu and mostly are exclusive to Japan only. They have adopted the local culture combing with their strategic locations. The beautiful photos worth sharing in Insta have also contributed in their popularity. One thing is for sure here Starbucks is loved by anyone.

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Today I want to introduce one of my favorite shops which opened last year. Their strategic location is placed in the Meguro river, I say strategic because it offers a picturesque view, especially in Sakura time (Cherry-Blossoming time).

This 4 flour building was designed by famous Japanese architect Kengo Kuma. When you enter the shop you can feel the passion of craft coffee. You can experience the whole process of roasting the coffee beans in front of you and then just sit and enjoy that cup of coffee, indeed it is the journey of the bean to cup.

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All of my life living in Albania, I tried Turkish coffee and of course espresso, but here in Japan for the first time I saw the Dripping -coffee and French press. Their space is dedicated to providing different methods of brewing coffee. As you go on the second floor you will see the "Teavana", as you know tea plays a very important part of their culture. This floor is all about Tea Lovers.

The third and fourth floors are also dedicated to coffee and alcohol cocktails.

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All I can say is that it is a great place and worth waiting for visiting it.If you would like to visit please check on their website

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