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How to learn Japanese Language?

Coming with zero background of Japanese for sure my life here was a real mess in the beginning. I wish I could knew more phrases of everyday life because it would save me more time and less embarrassment.

As some of you may know Japanese language have three system of writings:Hiragana,Katakana and Kanji.Hiragana and Katakana can be learned easily but Kanji NO! According to Japanese government there are over 2000 kanji for every day use.

Traditional gate for a temple

In terms of Kanji`s everyone shares different study approach ,some suggest writing them many times and practicing, others suggest the Heisig method which is breaking down kanji in parts which helps to remember better. The origin of Japanese writing system can be traced down from China. However Japanese adapted and change them .

Some of the effective methods to learn Japanese are from:

1.Anime - Dragon Ball,Sailor moon, and so many others that honestly I dont know. I have never had an interest in Anime however for other people it has been quite useful the expressions and their listening improves more.

2. Enroll in Japanese language institute, here I can talk from my personal experience as I was enrolled in language institute and started from zero to N2 in one year and half. N2 is the JLPT level equivalent,which means I have an upper intermediate level of Japanese.

3. Self learn-from you tube videos or

Even though is a very intimidating and difficult language ,I believe that if you are a hardworking you can make it.

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