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I will introduce you to one of the most famous food in Japan which is Mochi.

Mochi ice cream was the first dessert I tried it here in Tokyo. Mochi is the layer covering the ice cream and when you bite it you can feel the softness and its chewy texture.

But what is mochi you will ask and why is important for you to know? Mochi is a dought made from pounded steamed rice. It dates back to ancient Japan where it was believed that is a divine product.

Mochi represents the importance of rice. As you know rice in Japan is the staple food therefore eating and creating mochi is very important for them. Rice for Japanese is like the bread for us Albanians. We can't imagine any dish without a Slice of bread. Imagine my shock when I came to live here, I can't eat any of the dishes that I had in Albania but I had to substitute bread with rice. Very hard for me, every time I return back home, I make sure to eat a lot of bread hehe.

In Japan is a tradition to thank Shinto Gods for providing different goods , such as rice, fish, or other important ingredients. Mochi is being given away to thank Shinto Gods for providing a good harvesting every year.

You can enjoy different flavors and in numerous Japanese dishes. I will introduce some of the most famous ones.

3. Dango

This is one of my favorite videos for Mochi, enjoy it !

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Dec 20, 2020

Great article, great layout and very informative.

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