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My Japanese friend likes "Raki"

Last week I went on a trip to Nagano with my friends. Of course, since is a holiday I brought a surprise gift for everyone, what else "Raki".

Being honest here,I brought Raki in the pet bottle from Albania maybe 9 months ago since my last visit and for sure I kept it as a very precious gift. The Raki is made from berries or Raki Manaferre, super tasty. As an ex-pat here living in Tokyo for sure I miss Albanian food , such as Bread and Cheese(Buke me djath me vaj ulliri) or Trahana, Olives ,Raki and etc. So every time I come back to Albania I make sure to bring lots of cheese and Raki back to Tokyo. I'm lucky to never getting stoped at the airport haha.

Anyway continuing to my story , for me, Raki cures everything from the sore throat to a headache or even a toothache , I know it sounds crazy to some people . However I believe in the magic powers of Raki, so when my Japanese friend asked me about "What is Raki" , my answer was "Ilac per zemren,eshte" I said it first in Albanian and then I translated in English.

I opened the bottle and I took a sip, I told to them this is quite strong so be careful. Anyway, they took the bottle and took a sip. Their expression on the face was priceless, the alcohol hit in their head and I thought Nah they don't like it , but surprisingly they went to finish all of it. They really liked it. Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos :(

I got very happy with their appreciation and honestly, Albanian products are very tasty and worth sharing it with many foreigners.

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