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Today,I would like to talk about food. I'm not sure how familiar you are with Japanese cuisine, or if you ever heard of the Omurice, however, I would like to introduce it :D

This is definitely one of my favorite dishes(you will hear me saying the same for almost every dish)

Omurice-is fried rice wrapped in omelet. It is unclear where the dish originated but in Japan is considered as 洋食(western food) and it has been popular since the '70s. Fun fact is that unlike the other dishes served with chopsticks, omurice is always served with spoon and fork like Western food.


Some restaurants specialize in offering only omurice as their only menu item. This dish is very easy to make even at home. Kids really like it as well and is a great way to eat the vegetables without understanding it.

There are many ways to cook it but the classic is fried rice with chicken, added vegetables, and seasoned with ketchup. The ketchup sauce gives its red color and savory-sweet taste. As for the omelet, just fry in a pan with butter but feel free to cook it as you want.

Below you can find a video of how to cook it step by step

If you happen to travel to Tokyo, I would recommend the best Omurice in Kichijoji( an area in Tokyo), this is one of my favorites to go every time I crave for Omurice.

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