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Places to experience Tea Ceremony

The best quality of green tea is chosen for this ceremony, usually the top 2 leaves in the first harvest season are considered to be top quality, that’s why they are chosen.

There are many places where you can experience the”Tea Ceremony”,whether you are a local or a tourist. They are held across Japan in various places from cultural centers to traditional gardens and to end up to hotels. Kyoto and Uji are the most famous and popular destinations for enjoying the tea culture.

Recommended places to visit:

1.Miyoshien chaho- based in Kyoto ,you can truly experience the tea ceremony. Reservation are required the day before. The contact email is in their English Website

2.Kimono Tea Ceremony Maikoya: Located in Kyoto, Tokyo and Osaka offers a varieties of cultural experiences from the tea ceremony to wearing a kimono. It was chosen as the “Best Activities and Tours in Japan 2018” by International Travelers. You can read and search the availability dates on their webpage

3.Kanazawa Tourist Information, In this culture center a tea ceremony is offered at a Japanese tea room. You can check availability and contact information on their Website

Interesting facts about “Tea Ceremony”

The Japanese tea Ceremony used to be “men only “event up to the end of the Edo period (1603-1868 AD),woman were not allowed to attend this ceremony.

The older tea houses have a smaller door for entrance “half height”, the reason why is that before entering the tea-room the warriors and samurai had to remove all their weapons or armors. This concept brought the belief of “equality” between the guest and the hosts.

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