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Culture Shock in Japan!

There are so many things that are different and some time weird. In Albania we do things different, for example if i want to travel to a place I dont take train (merely because is super old and not functioning well),Albanians refer their meals by asking" Ke ngrene buke" buke means bread ,so for us is very important and i cant imagine meals without it. However here the bread is so different sponge type and sweet compared to my hometown. Every meal here is eaten with Rice instead of Bread.

1. A great transportation system

The subway system and trains are so punctual and you are never worried about not catching up the train. One of the downsides of the Japanese trains is that are very crowded especially rush hours.


Japan is one of the safest countries in the world. You can walk at midnight alone and nobody will bother you. Sometimes I see small kids 6-7 years old to ride the train on their own.

3. "Kawai" Culture

Kawai means cute in English. In Japan young generation highly uses it. Kawai can be used to describe fashion ,to personality or food. Harajuku is the most famous place for the "kawai" fashion where you can see the most extraordinary and colorful clothes. Is also famous for "kawai" food such as crepes or small coffee places offering cute food.

4.English speaking,most of Japanese dont speak English. When I first arrived in Narita Airport I had to take the train to Shinjuku(which is the busiest station in the world with 2 million passengers passing everyday) ,the sales person was using google translate to explain me how much is the ticket and the duration. Navigating around Tokyo without Japanese language knowledge is difficult but not impossible.

5.Food-now in terms of food Japan is famous in the world for Sushi,Ramen ,Takoyaki and etc. Ramen is this giant bowl of soup noodle topped with eggs/pork and green onions. On the other hand we have sushi,which is raw fish eaten with soy sauce and wasabi. Wasabi is green paste spicy and sweet flavor. Well for me the most delicious meal is still bread and cheese from Albania,so trying to eat raw fish ,wasabi ,or nori(seaweed) for sure it has been a challenge.

6.Trash cans, something that will shock you is the fact that you have to carry your trash around and bring it to your hotel/or home most of the time. In Tokyo is rare to find garbage cans. In Japan we separate the trashes to cans,bottles,glass burnable trashes and nonburnable trashes.

7. Convenience stores-they operate hours and offers different services such as paying bills,ATM and buying your bento(lunch box).In Albania on the other hand to pay your electricity or water bills you go to their shops and que and wait for hours.

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