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Working in Japan

Most of the people ask me all the time : " What is like to work in Japan" ? I get this question every time I get back to my home country. For sure Albanian and Japanese working style is different in many levels culturally .

Salary men is a term used to describe businessman in japan. You will find it in every corner in Tokyo, wearing the famous" penguin"suit(black/navy blue jacket with white shirt and a tie) ,they even wear this in summer.

Talking from my own experience working here ,has so many positive sides and I will list them below.

One of the things I like the m

ost is the Politeness that Japanese culture offers. I feel quite comfortable and is a very pleasant environment .

Team working is another thing Japanese are really good at it, in my current company I feel the support and a natural

sense of belonging. In other countries such as The USA focus more on the individuals.

I spend an enormous amount of energy and time to give a detailed and descriptive planning. Saying so Japanese put a

lot of emphasis on the process of planning.

It takes a lot of effort however this gives me a lot of knowledge regarding different topics about business here.

Being a foreigner here sometimes I feel outside of the society but work-environment creates more opportunities to participate in different activities.. And the last thing is the improvement of my Japanese language skills. I studied Japanese and the business environment is a great place for me to practice all of that "keigo" polite expressions you must use when talking to a boss or a senpai.

Is important that wherever you go ,keep in mind that you can do it. Nothing is impossible.Just trust in yourself and take one step at a time.

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